Product Consultation

Sumax has ateam that implements innovative, large scale metrology solutions throughout India. We offer an indepth insiders view of the metrology through the knowledge we have gained over the years. The role of our product consultant is to define an application solution together with the customer’s business team. Our product consultant has thorough knowledge of our applications as well as experience of implementing the product in similar environments. The product consultant takes a holistic approach to this process that integrates our customer’s business strategies with our technology.

Implementation Services

Under the leadership and guidance of a Sumax’s project manager, an implementation team will install our solution as per the customer’s requirements. The implementation team will:

  • Install our product on a qualified machine and system environment.
  • Configure the software to enable operation as per the specific customer requirements.
  • Provide assistance to our customer’s implementation team as they test the newly installed product.
  • Provide assistance to our customer’s technical and business team as they go through any certification procedures that are required by regulatory authorities.
  • Assist in the conversion from the traditional system to the new system.
  • Assist in the deployment of the solution to the various operating centres of the customer.