Visual Statistical Process Control (VSPC)

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Visual Statistical Process Control (VSPC)


  • Select the data you want to collect and organize custom screens to reflect operator skills and plant floor characteristics with VisualSPC Designer.

  • Accommodate a wide variety of gauges and measuring devices through our industry standard GagePort technology.

  • Import files generated by CMMs and other measuring systems directly into a standard database using VisualSPC Importer.

  • Access information residing on other devices and applications, via our OPC connectivity.

  • Track multiple categories of attribute data with VisualSPC Attributes.

  • Enhance enterprise connectivity through seamless integration with SQL Server or Oracle thanks to VisualSPC’s support for ODBC standards.

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    Product Description


    To achieve the highest in quality you need to be able to readily gather your manufacturing data and organize it effectively. That’s where effective Statistical Process Control (SPC Software) excels. The Visual SPC family of data collection SPC software from GE Fanuc Automation is a world class solution in this area.

    Developed originally by GageTalker, the Visual SPC Software suite is a complete Windows based approach to collecting, monitoring, and analyzing plant floor quality data. In addition to being extremely easy to use, Visual SPC is outstanding for its flexibility. This open software suite is easily customized without any programming, giving you the ability to match your data gathering system to your plant-floor processes. With Visual SPC, you control the process of translating enterprise-wide data into decision critical information.

    SPC Software that gathers Data from Virtually Any Available Source

    In addition to accommodating keyboard entry, Visual SPC capitalizes on GE Fanuc’s leadership in Open Connectivity you can connect to hundreds of gauging devices using the Gauge Port family of interface modules, import files directly from CMMs and other intelligent devices and harvest data from portable data collectors. Equally important, Visual SPC offers OPC connectivity to intelligent controllers, software applications, specialty gauging devices and a wide array of industrial communication networks and I/O systems.

    SPC Software that creates the Operator Interface that Works Best for You

    With Visual SPC, you can easily arrange your screens the way that makes it easiest for operators to collect and evaluate your data, using OLE to integrate your own graphics and text, incorporating selected statistical calculations and color coding information. By organizing screens that meet your needs, you can dramatically reduce operator training and implementation time.

    Maximize Your Existing Investment

    Visual SPC software integrates smoothly with all major hardware and software devices found on the plant floor and integrates seamlessly into your existing networking architecture. As a result, you can incorporate VisualSPC without adjusting or compromising manufacturing processes perfected over the years.

    Apply Powerful Analytic Tools

    Visual SPC Analyst gives you the ability to apply a wide range of sophisticated statistical analysis strategies to your data. In fact, many other business tools may have links to this reliable program. You can also export your data into such industry-standard programs as Excel, Access, or MiniTab.

    Control the Way You Collect, Organize, and Analyze Your Data
    The Visual SPC family of data collection software includes:
    • Visual SPC ShopFloor™
    • Visual SPC Measurement System Analysis™
    • Visual SPC Attributes™
    • Visual SPC Importer™
    • Visual SPC Monitor™
    • Visual SPC Analyst™
    • Visual SPC Wizard™
    • Visual SPC Designer™