M3 Multi functional display unit

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M3 Multi functional display unit

The M3 is the last generation tool for doing dimensional control from 1 or 2 probes or scales.Several version are available allowing you to connect :

– Inductive probes (Metro, Tesa compatible (example Tesa GT21) and Mahr (example Mahr P2004M)

– Incremental probes (Heidenhain (example Heidenhain MT101), Magnecale DK with an adaptor and Mitutoyo LG with an adaptor)

– Linear scales (Heidenhain, Magnescale)

Thanks to is user friendly interface and its general simplicity the M3 is a device that will be immediately adopted by every operator. The 4”3 resistive touch screen display an be used with gloves.This digital readout has several means of communication, USB and RS232 to remote control the device and/or send the measurements to an external system.Its housing machined in a solid aluminum block offers to the M3 an incomparable robustness even when use in the most severe industrial environments.

  • 2 measurement configurations (2 characteristics).
  • Different display modes with 1 or 2 measurements, with or without tolerances.
  • Tolerance limits and control limits (Warnings).
  • Absolute or relative measurement
  • Direct or dynamic measurement (Min, Max, Max-Min , Average, Median)
  • USB communication “virtual keyboard”.
  • Modbus-RTU or ASCII Communication on RS232.
  • Sorting by classes of size, up to 16 classes by characteristic
  • Possibility to connect an optional I/O module with 8 optocoupled I/O.
  • Possibility to connect a multi-function footswitch (measurement transfert, calibration etc…)
  • Easy to use and reliable

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    Product Description


    The M3 is equipped with a nice 4”3 colour touch screen display which allows an easy configuration thanks to its user friendly interface

    The measurement is displayed digitally and with 2 types of bargraph.


    Many functions and measurement mode can be selected through the keyboard:


    • Tolerance limits, Control limits (warnings) Dimension of the master piece (reference piece) .
    • Calculation formula (C1, C2, -C1, -C2, C1+C2, C1-C2, -C1+C2, -C1-C2)
    • Calibration
    • Different display modes with 1 or 2 characteristics displayed
    • Direct or dynamic measurement (Max, Min, Max-Min, Average, Median)
    • Absolute or relative measurement
    • Sorting by classes of size, up to 16 classes by characteristic
    • Measurement direction inversion
    • Possibility to lock selected functions with a password
    • Display resolution (from 2 to 5 decimals)
    • M-Bus connector for the optionnal connection of a module with 8 input/outputs (go, nogo, preset, send measurement etc…)
    • Metric (┬Ám or mm) or imperial measurements (inches)
    • Selection between 2 measurement configurations (2 characteristics)
    • Automatic change of program by moving the probe
    • Different languages installed. New language can be installed upon request


    USB Connection

    The M3 is fitted with a mini-USB connector with 2 functions :
    1. Power supply through a wall mounted transformer. This transformer supplies a regulated 5V/1A DC voltage.
    2. Measurement transmission. If you connect your M3 to a PC, the PC will detect and install automatically the M3 as a standard USB keyboard with the standard drivers of your operating system (Windows, Mac OS etc..). When you will send the measurement, the value will be writting on your PC screen where your cursor is, in the same way as it would have been typed with a keyboard.
    No need to install any specific driver or software.




    The RS232 interface allows to monitor and configure all the M3’s functions through ASCII commands or MODBUS-RTU



    The M3 is very easy to configure and to use thank to its user friendly interface :

    Display with needle indicator

    1 characteristic display with control limits (Warnings)

    2 characteristics display

    Icon desktop (Configuration menu)

    Configuration window

    Display mode without tolerances and direct access to preset modification



    The M3 is fitted with 2 probes inputs, 1 RS232 connector, 1 USB connector for power supply and/or communication, 1 multifunctionnal footswitch input, 1 M-Bus connector for the optionnal I/O module and 1 On/Off Switch:

    Version for incremental probes

    Version for inductive probes



    As an option, it is possible to connect a M-Bus I/O module fitted with 8 optocoupled inputs/outputs.

    M-Bus MB-IO

    Available functions :
    – Part 1 or 2 : Go/NoGo
    – Calibration/Preset
    – Start dynamic measurement
    – Measurement transfert
    – Zero
    – Switch from part 1 to part 2
    – Stop




    Retrofit of a gauging fixture that was mounted with needle indicators on a 100% sorting working place:
    Out-of-round (Max-Min) measurement on 2 points of a cylindrical part. Start measurement with a footswitch.
    Customer benefit : Accuracy increased (1/10th of Micron), instantaneous reading of the 2 characteristics without the risk of wrong reading of the needles. Measurement transmission to a central SPC/ERP software. Significant time saved on this control place.


    Measurement of very small watch parts. Here the M3 is connected with a Heidenhain SPECTO probe, mounted on a Sylvac PS15 measuring bench.


    Communication between a M3 display and a Proface PLC with the Modbus RTU protocol. The HMI from Proface has been programmed with differents buttons and indicators allowing to control and bring back informations from the M3. This Proface example can be downloaded from here


    Retrofit of a small manual milling machine. Installation of 2 Heidenhain linear scales on the machine, connected to a M3 display with the double bargraph display mode, allowing to see both axis.



    Internal diameter measurements on 2 different parts. Here the M3 displays only 1 characteristic. When the operator move a probe, the corresponding measurement appears on the screen. This functionnality allows to use only 1 display for 2 parts, and the operator has not to touch the display or change parameters for switching the part. A footswitch can be connect for preseting or to transfert the data to a computer.


    M3 displays are not only compatible with the entire Heidenhain’s range of probes and scale(Certo, MT12, MT25, MT101, Specto…) but it offers a great flexibility and a wide panel of functions with a user friendly interface.