Model 3903T, 3906Tgear measuring centres can accomplish a variety of gear measuring tasks including the inspections of tooth data on cylindrical gears ( external spur and helical gears: standard measuring module ), shaping and shaving cutters, as well as on gear and worm hobs (optional). In addition, the range of application also extends to inspection of worm and worm gear, spiral, straight and helical bevel gears (optional). These gear measuring centres are widely used in automobile, machine tool, instrument industries, as well as inspection laboratory and modern factory environment.


  • Compact construction of basic machine, high measuring accuracy and reliability. The basic units of these gear measuring centres are pro- vided with four axis measuring systems. With the aid of rigid multi- row rolling guides, Germany-made linear and angular encoders, high measuring reliability is guaranteed.
  • Complete measuring of tooth data and wide range of application. The functions of the measuring software include evaluations of tooth profile deviations ( Fα, ffα, fHα), helix deviations ( Fβ, ffβ, fHβ), pitch de- viations ( Fp, fpk, fpt ). And run out (Fr). Also available are evaluations of tooth data on hob, shaping and shaving cutters, worm and worm gear, straight and helical bevel gears as well as on spiral bevel gear.
  • Fully automatic measuring cycle with fast measuring speed. This measuring centre permits automatic checking of all test items such as profile, helix and pitch deviations and run out in one set-up. The measuring cycle is automatically controlled by microcomputer.
  • Powerful measuring software functions with simple operation. The measuring item can be selected according to the workpiece to be tested. This user friendly measuring software provides automatic evaluation of cylindrical gears in accordance with ISO1328(GB/T10095、DIN3962、JIS B1702、AGMA88). The special function in the measuring software includes evaluations of K chart, pro- file barreling Cα, and tooth crowning Cβ.