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Combicheck is a flexible system of standard elements for building inspection fixtures. The system has been on the market since the 1960s and is today one of the most most common and widespread fixture systems.

Combicheck can utilize the complete C E Johansson range of length measuring indicators, e.g. Dial Gauges, Mikrkators, Metem Digital Gauging System and Pneumatic Measuring Devices. It may be integrated into machine tool CNC systems for full measuring control. Combicheck is so robust that it can advantageously be used by operators in a workshop environment.
Choice of reading,calculation or control devices should be made in view of

  • Quantities, Dimensions, Tolerance ranges and batch sizes

  • Operator capability and extent of automation

  • Co-ordination with the machining operations.

  • All Combicheck elements are represented in the following pages. They are divided into groups by reference to their function. More detailed size information etc. is obtained through the CEJ Combicheck catalogue, or at




    Product Description

    Combicheck Standard Accessories

    8460 Base Plates
    CEJ Art. No.
    Width 125, length 250mm 8460-01001
    Width 125, length 500mm
    Width 125, length 1000mm
    Width 255, length 250mm
    Width 255, length 500mm
    Width 255, length 1000mm


    8461 Brackets
    CEJ Art. No.
    Mounting bracket for horizontal column 8461-01001
    Mounting bracket for vertical column
    Mounting bracket for roller slide
    Mounting bracket,universal